Day 6 — Assisi

On our last full day in Italy we took a bus ride to the beautiful, historic city of Assisi. The city is about 3 hours northeast of Rome, so we got to see the countryside: green, rolling hills, olive farms, little towns built into hilltops, and snow-capped Apennine Mountains off in the distance. When picturing […]

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Day 4 — New Year Parade

After yesterday I think I am running out of superlatives. I don’t have the time, words, or the internet connection to completely describe how amazing this trip has been. All I can do is post pictures and try to recall my best descriptive writing skills, and you’ll just have to use your imagination for the […]

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Day 1 — Travel

Day 1 was travel day…and what a day it was!! We took a school bus from SME to KCI on 12/28 and had 4 flight groups connecting through Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit, Philadelphia, Amsterdam, London, and finally on to Rome. All of the flights combined traveled approximately 26,600 miles. By comparison, the circumference of the Earth […]

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Day 5, Part 2: Assisi

In the eastern region of Umbria lies another one of the most iconic cities in the world. Assisi is a living medieval city, although very few (only 700) inhabit the 1,500-year-old buildings. Turns out plumbing and electricity were very hard to retrofit into the buildings and was very expensive, so in parts of the city […]

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