Day 5, Part 2: Assisi

In the eastern region of Umbria lies another one of the most iconic cities in the world. Assisi is a living medieval city, although very few (only 700) inhabit the 1,500-year-old buildings. Turns out plumbing and electricity were very hard to retrofit into the buildings and was very expensive, so in parts of the city […]

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Day 5, Part 1: Orvieto

If you twisted my arm for a favorite day of the trip, this would have been it. A driver and tour guide took us from our hotel to tour the historic hilltop town of Orvieto, and then to one of the most important cities in the world, Assisi. Mrs. Toepfer and I enjoyed Orvieto so […]

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Day 3, Part 2: Frascati

Ah, Frascati. What a pleasant surprise. It’s a town approximately 20km southeast of Rome in the beautiful rolling hills lined with Olive trees and vineyards. It’s a very small town of approximately 20,000 residents, but with its scenic views of the valley, boutiques and amazing gelato shops, it is a popular place to visit in […]

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Day 3, part 1: Vatican City

We did so much this day that I have to split up the post. Day 3 was another jam-packed day full of great experiences. After breakfast we loaded the bus for Vatican City, which is just beyond the city centre. Again, no lines. No waiting to pay admission. “Fast Pass” all the way up to […]

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Day 1 in Rome

Yesterday was a wonderful day of getting acclimated to our surroundings, working off the jet lag (power through it!), and meeting our travel group for the week. We took a short(ish) drive from our Hotel to the center of Rome past the old city walls, past the Piazza de Poppolo, or the “People’s Square”, and […]

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