Day 3, Part 2: Frascati

Ah, Frascati. What a pleasant surprise. It’s a town approximately 20km southeast of Rome in the beautiful rolling hills lined with Olive trees and vineyards. It’s a very small town of approximately 20,000 residents, but with its scenic views of the valley, boutiques and amazing gelato shops, it is a popular place to visit in the summer to escape the heat, hustle and bustle of the city. This will be one of the marching band’s big performance stops, where we will be performing for their winter street festival.

First of all, the people of Frascati LOVE American musicians. When we arrived we were invited up to city hall for a personal welcome by the Mayor and City Council members who told us how excited they were to meet us and to hear our bands in December. The second picture is the city square with the famous Aldobrandini mansion off in the distance.

This is a view from our first performance stop. It was a bit hazy, but that’s Rome off in the distance. We will perform for 10-15 minutes in this square, then march on.

As you can see, the streets are cobblestone and VERY narrow. It’ll be more of a “scatter” between venues. The second and third pictures show our second performance venue in another nearby square (remember how Italians love their city squares), in front of one of the only churches that survived American bombings in WWII. Due to the strategic advantage of being a hilltop town, the Germans took over the town of Frascati, and much of it was destroyed when it was liberated. Miraculously, the church stayed completely intact.

The four pictures above show a little bit of our third piazza performance area. Of course, Mrs. Toepfer found a friendly gatta. The 3rd picture shows an incredibly delicious (and probably disturbing to our vegetarian friends) Italian delicacy called “Porchetta”. I’ll let you google that. The last picture is another building that survived WWII, which dates back to medieval times. Like I mentioned before, the hilltop location is very important strategically, and the town people were able to see great distances from the lookout tower of this medieval fortress.

The last two pictures show our dinner venue from the night, which we will also be dining at in December, Villa Rinaldo All’acquedotto. As you can see, this restaurant is BEAUTIFUL, and the food is just as great. They are very accommodating of large groups, friendly, and frequently hire live musicians for entertainment.

Ciao amici!


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