Day 4: Parade & More Performance Venues


Day 4 was our biggest “business” day of the trip; it was mostly spent scouting performance venues and the parade route, and then in the afternoon we had meetings with representatives from the travel company about insurance, logistics, security, publicity, and itineraries. One of the great aspects of this trip is that the company representatives oversee every item in great detail. I think you’ll find them to be very satisfactory!

Our Wind Ensemble and Jazz Ensemble (made up of a combination of Symphonic/Concert Bands and Blue Notes/Blue Knights) will be performing a concert at Saint John the Baptist of the Florentines, near the Vatican and the Tiber River. It is known as a “Concert Church” which regularly holds special concerts of all levels. Interestingly, this is the place where the relic of Mary Magdalene’s foot is held, symbolizing the first entrance into the tomb of Jesus Christ. The last picture is hard to decipher but it shows the distance we will need to move equipment. It’s not far, but the cobblestones are treacherous. The roads in Rome are older than the United States, for a bit of perspective.

New Years Day Parade

First we met with Benita, one of our tour guides who walked us through the logistics of parking/unloading/staging. We will unload the buses just outside the Piazza del Popolo, warm up and march into the city centre.


Above, Piazza del Popolo, the “People’s Square” will be the beginning/end of the parade and the epicenter of the New Years Day festivities

Parade Route

Since it was 100 degrees and we had to get to meetings, we didn’t walk the whole route (although it’s only 1.5 miles or so), but this gives you an idea of what the streets look like. The link below shows the total parade route on a Google map so you can explore a little more:

The Business

After the parade tour we returned back to the Il Palazzetto hotel for 1-on-1 meetings with representatives from our travel company regarding our itinerary, performance details, payment/contract updates, logistics and shipping, public relations, and tour guides. I will have many, many details from those meetings coming soon.


After we finished the business portion of the day we took a coach from the Piazza along the Tiber River, past Rome’s modern Olympic Stadium, to a restaurant called “Tanagra Caffe Concerto”, kind of an “Opera/Comedy/Dinner Theater” type of place. In this “dinner and a show” evening, between courses their staff “Opera Singers” sang highlights from Italian Opera, brought up audience members to interact with and embarrass onstage between courses of classic Italian food dishes.

It was a little dark so I grabbed these stock photos off Google. It’s a very large room capable of holding our group with ease.

“Shaving” an audience member while singing an excerpt from “The Barber of Seville”, and bringing up other people from our group to be publicly embarrassed.

Tomorrow: Orvieto and Assisi!





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