Day 1 in Rome

Yesterday was a wonderful day of getting acclimated to our surroundings, working off the jet lag (power through it!), and meeting our travel group for the week. We took a short(ish) drive from our Hotel to the center of Rome past the old city walls, past the Piazza de Poppolo, or the “People’s Square”, and up to a private meet-and-greet at a beautiful building above the Spanish Steps. Rome seems to be built on it’s amazing Piazzas — open, public squares surrounded by buildings, statues, fountains and people. Italians are very social people, and very hospitable!

Our travel group consists of music directors from all over the United States: Kansas, Georgia, Arizona, California, North Carolina, and more. It’s been great meeting new colleagues, discussing our similarities and differences, and how we can all make this the best possible trip for our students.

Today we have a hotel show-around where we will tour all the facilities, room setups, large dining areas, and talk through all the logistics. After that we are off to the Coliseum for a guided tour, and then back to the hotel to watch England in the World Cup….the travel company owners are British, so we will indulge them :).

This is the outside of our hotel, “Barcelo Aran Mantegna”

Piazza del Poppolo and the Spanish Steps

A caprese salad, Cacio de Pepe, and an incredible little family restaurant we found.

More coming soon!



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